International Policies


JetBlue has offered service between the U.S. and Cuba since Fall 2016. Travel is only allowed for customers that meet one of the approved travel categories, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has very specific requirements for documentation that differs from other countries. This documentation is at a customer level, not a PNR level. Please review this page thoroughly for the required PNR documentation, as well as links to Cuba-specific policies.

Approved travel categories

Reason for Travel DefinitionCode
Family visitsFAMLY
Official governmental businessGOVMT
Journalistic activityJOURN
Professional researchPROFL
Educational activities or people-to-people exchangesEDUCA
Religious activitiesRELIG
Amateur and semi-professional international sports federation competitionsPERFO
Support for the Cuban peopleSUPRT
Educational activities or people-to-people exchangesHUMAN
Informational materialsINFOR
Authorized export activitiesEXPRT
Non-immigrant Cuban NationalCUNAT
OFAC specific licenseLICEN

Required Documentation

Each and every customer (including Cuban Nationals) needs the following PNR documentation:

  • Email address for lead customer in an OSI. JetBlue will only use this information to arrange for electronic affidavit completion and day of IROP notification (if necessary). Failure to include an email address can result in the customer being denied boarding.
    Form: OSI B6 CTCE [email address with “//” in place of @ symbol]
    Note: two periods .. are used in place of an underscore line
  • Approved travel category via SSR code RFTV (form: SSR [code])
  • Snail mail address in SSR DOCA (or DOCI for infant)

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Citizens of Ecuador who are 65 years old and older, or who have a documented Disability ID, are allowed a 50% discount on airfare for flights originating from UIO Airport. Bookings must be made at the UIO Airport, and cannot be made at a travel agency. These types of travel agency bookings will result in debit memos received.

Children’s Fares

JetBlue does not publish children’s fares except for the following destinations. Note: Base fares will be the same as Adult but the Children’s fares are not subject to the departure tax.

CountryAirport CodeChild Age
Antigua & BarbudaANU2-11
Cayman IslandsGCM2-11
JamaicaKIN, MBJ2-11
St. LuciaUVF2-17
Trinidad & TobagoPOS2-4
United KingdomLHR, LGW2-15

Infant Ticketing

Infant tickets are required for all international flights. For U.S. domestic flights, infants do not require tickets unless they are occupying their own seat. Lap children under the age of 2 years old at time of departure on U.S. domestic flights do not need to be ticketed. JetBlue files $0 infant fares in the GDS and expects all agencies to ticket their own international infants.

JetBlue defines an infant as a traveler under 2 years of age at time of departure. PNRs with infants traveling as a lap child or in their own seat need to show the following:

  • The infant’s name in the name field
  • Infant SSR that’s associated to an adult
  • Secure Flight Documentation for the infant in the form of the INFT SSR

Due to FAA safety regulations an adult customer can only carry one infant. If an adult customer is traveling with two infants, a seat must be purchased for any additional infant. For safety, only one infant is allowed per row on each side of the aisle (seats A-C or D-F on the Airbus 320, and seats A-B or C-D on the Embraer 190) unless an additional seat in that row is purchased for the infant. Car seats and infants are not allowed in certain seats for safety reasons. This includes all Mint seats.

Infants under 3 days old are not allowed to fly on JetBlue Airways.

International Travel: B6-only

  • Lap infants on international B6 flights are required to pay applicable fees and taxes, and must be issued a ticket displaying the collection of the those fees and taxes.
  • Infants on international B6 flights with their own seat require a full fare ticket.

International Travel: Interline

  • Lap infants on international interline flights are required to pay applicable fares, fees, and taxes, and must be issued a ticket displaying the collection of the those fees and taxes.
  • Infants on international interline flights with their own seat require an applicable fare ticket.

Note: Once a child has their second birthday, they are no longer considered a lap child and a seat must be purchased in order for them to travel. If the child has their second birthday between the outbound and return flight, a seat will need to be purchased for the return flight on a separate PNR.

Separate Domestic and International Tickets

Per the ARC Industry Agent Handbook, a separate ticket issued for the domestic portion of an international journey may not be taxed on the basis of an international trip provided that:

  • The person purchasing the domestic ticket shows the international ticket to the agency receiving payment
  • The agency inscribes the international ticket with an appropriate notation

For clarity, in order for US domestic taxes to be exempt, the domestic ticket must show the following:

  • Agency identification
  • Origin & Destination of the international transportation
  • Carrier furnishing the international transportation
  • Ticket number for the international transportation

In the Endorsements field, include this information using the format highlighted below. Do not remove the required populated Endorsements field fare rules.

Example: NONREF – FEE FOR CHG/CXL – BA175 LHRJFK 1259876543210

If this information is not included on the JetBlue domestic ticket, and US taxes are excluded, a debit memo will be issued to collect the missing taxes and will include a service charge.